Thank you dear friends and followers for your visits, for your love and prayers for both myself and Freddie.
I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
Sending you all love, hugs and blessings,

June xxx

Friday 29 April 2011

This is the day!!

This is the day we've all been waiting for...

I am joining the world in wishing you the happiest of days.
May God bless you both in the years ahead.

* * * * *

If you'd like to view the very best alternative Royal Wedding party
please go visit WJC's Digital World

Sending best wishes to everyone, viewing the wedding or not.
Big Hugs
June xxx


cheryl said...

oh really looking forward to today june,hope you enjoy it too hugs cheryl x

Patti said...

It is 2:15 in the morning for me, but I have my cup of Earl Grey and a plate of scones. Daughter and I are most excited, and I got to thinking of you. Your country must be going wild. With all the horrible things going on in the world today, it is nice to focus on something beautiful and happy. I think all the pageantry is wonderful!!

Have a great day, as you watch your new princess marry her beloved.


From the Kitchen said...

It was perfect! I arose at 4 a.m., made a pot of strong coffee and settled in to enjoy every minute.


Linda Gibbons said...

Watched it this morning at 6:00 am. It was beautiful, simple adn perfect! A real fairytale wedding.

Junibears said...

We Brits can sure put on a parade! Wasn't everything just fantastic. They looked so happy. Hugs xx

Netty said...

A fabulous wedding June and thank goodness it didn't rain. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Anonymous said...

Aren't they lovely.....congrats to them both!

I'll head over to Bill's soon.


Carolyn said...

June, it was magical and so delightful to see the joy and celebration of thousands. The world needed this! The new Princess received a very warm welcome and even the Queen look pleased.

Anonymous said...

I've had a great day so far! Everything was wonderful!

Bill said...

"Long live the Queen!" or something like that. Maybe it's "God save the Queen." Oh shoot, just "live long and prosper" and have lots of kids!

Chris Arlington said...

Lovely commemoration June. You are a romantic.

deb said...

We are all watching avidly! Who doesn't love a fairytale!?