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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Friday 31 December 2010

Oh, Happy Day..

The little girl on the left looks just like my niece Tracey when she was
this age.
But the babe on the right really cracked me up. She looks like
a tiny Danny de Vito.
Hope this makes you go round all day singing..
Oh, Happy Day......Oh, Happy Day....

I'm just nipping over to Paris for a bit of fashion shopping!


Ozstuff said...

I love both pictures, June, but I have to say the top one is priceless and the little guy on the right really does look like Danny de Vito. I love the touch of Paris! Beautiful work.

Kim B said...

you are right its baby danny devito..how funny :)

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

June, I'm laughing so hard about the little danny de vito that you can probably hear me across the pond! Thanks for your beautiful 2010 collages. I'm looking forward to seeing many more in 2011! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Bill said...

I would love to go shopping in Paris - for food, though, not clothes! That little Danny Devito cracked me up. :O)