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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Friday 10 December 2010

Music feeds my soul..

Following on from the the old song collage yesterday, I made this.
I told Annette I must have been born singing.
All my family were musical; mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts,
and cousins. My cousin Frederick has a piano just like the one above and
transports me to another world when he plays.
Both my children learned piano when young and Sally still
plays very well.
Yesterday I gave my beloved organ to a local charity
but I bought a baby grand a while ago which lives with my daughter
so I can always have a tinkle on that when I feel like it.


Christmas-etc... said...

I love this...and your whole blog! So glad to be following along and see what wonders you create with photoshop! Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have you!

Junibears said...

Hello dear Ann, Thank you so much for joining me. I have been over to look at your blog.
My Goodness, what a fantastic work you have achieved! I have read your Intro and Chapter 1 and shall be back to follow your story. It is fascinating!
Our church here in my village is dedicated to St. Nicholas.
Hugs xx

Miss Hillbilly said...

Good morning dear June!
My husband is quite musically talented; but never touches his guitar or sings since having his stroke. My daughter is musically talented but never did anything with it. My son, Seth and I, love to listen but we can't hold a tune and aren't talented with any instruments (although seth has tried a few). Stephen is so adorable with music. He loves it as most babies do...but he goes beyond that. If he hears any music at all he starts dancing. No matter what he was in the middle of doing. So, we plan to buy a keyboard by the time he is 2 to get him started!
Have a wonderful day

Netty said...

Terrific collage June and fancy having a baby grand how wonderful. I too have a musical family and without showing off I used to sing professionally with the Doyle Carte' but that was many moons ago now......Have a great day, Annette xx

Bill said...

I love organs. I use to beg my parents to buy me one while I was growing up, but they really didn't have the money to. Anyway, it was very kind of you to donate yours.