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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Monday 6 December 2010

Collaged book covers..

I did threaten to show you the finished result
 of my efforts to collage the covers of a couple of large notebooks.
Well here's the finished result. I must admit they do look a little better in
 real life. There's all sorts of bits and bobs stuck on, some very lumpy.

Well I did warn you I'm not much good at sticky things.....LOL!


LynnF said...

Well, I don't know...your sticky things are pretty darned awesome! I like the covers, June! Keep up the sticky work!!!

Diane said...

These are very nice too June! I've been planning a collage for the cover of one of my recipe binders, I'll post it if I ever get around to doing it!



Anonymous said...

Oh yes you are............they are great! All the elements you used tell a story and I'm so happy you shared your 'other' talent with us!

Who's the lucky recipient of these????

Hugs in glue,

Sadie said...

lol @ sticky things.

Again wonderful pictures June. You are a picture machine! So much creativity. Hug

Faye said...

June, your collaged book covers are wonderful! And I love the new blog header. Really wintry and lovely.

BTW, I would not be cleaning my house for children. However, the Sunday school class I am cleaning for is my own peer group. Since it is the annual Christmas party, they are expecting a little bit of festive decorations, I think. In the US, especially in the south, adult classes are very common. We meet the same time as the children and we all go to church together as families.

Netty said...

Wow June there are some more totally fabulous creations in your blog today, needless to say I love them all...... Your collaged books look great and obviously had a lot of fun making them. Brill work my friend. Annette x

Bill said...

I've always been a little bit partial to lumpy things myself.

Chris Arlington said...

Dear June, Your sticky stuff and lumpy things look great to me! Have a great Christmas! I am going to take a break from blogging till the New Year I hope.
Hugs, Chris

Junibears said...

Dare I ask what sort of lumpy things Bill?
Gravy? Custard? Or.......?