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June xxx

Friday 18 May 2012


A friend on Flickr posted this photograph of his grandparents wedding in 1912, one hundred years ago.
I asked if I could use it and he graciously gave his permission. As you see it was very dark but I thought it a lovely photograph. So I lightened it as best I could, cut them out and coloured it with my mouse in Photoshop. I gave them an old country church for a background and Voila!! I do hope he likes it.
                                                     Thank you for viewing! love and Hugs,
                                                                      June xxx


bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

June, you did a fabulous job transforming this couple! They look so much happier!

Patti said...

Both the original photo and your picture are beautiful!! I really love them! And it's got me to really lamenting that I don't have wedding photos of my own grandparents. My family was so poor at hanging onto things like that, that I'm lucky to have ANY photos from my grandparents younger years. And what I have is what I've been able to "capture" through their home movies from the 1940's.

A huge thank you to your friend for allowing you to share his lovely photo.

Have a great day.


Brenda Brown said...

What an amazing transformation June - I love the finished piece.
Have a great weekend.
hugs {brenda} xox

Deann said...

A gorgeous job June you have made it a treasure your friend should be delighted. Isn't Photoshop just a miracle...I love it!

Jester said...

And what a fabulous transformation it is!