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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Tuesday 1 May 2012

May Day!..

This is my collage for the challenge on Collage Obsessions. They asked for Reflection this week which you can interpret in many ways. I look forward to seeing the way you've all handled it.
Thank you so much for looking and any comments!
                                                                Hugs June xx

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Today is May Day. It brings back such memories. Mother used to sing gaily, 'Call me early Mother dear, for I shall be Queen of the May'. I recall her stories of going out in pretty white dresses and dancing around a Maypole. When my children were small they erected a Maypole in the school yard and they danced for us to see but somehow it didn't seem to meet the picture in my mind.

I've never been a May Queen but I always had a new dress. 'Cast not a clout till May is out'. I never knew whether that was the month or the tree! I once picked a branch of May, which I think has a delicious, heady scent and the flower is so pretty, and took it home to my Mum. She was horrified and called it 'Mother die' and threw it out of the house. Well how was I to know that? I can't see how anything so beautiful could be cursed. I don't believe in most of those Old Wives Tales.
I can remember mad moments when I have risen early, gone into the garden bare foot, and danced in the dew. It will be just dancing in the rain today!        What are your memories?
                             Happy May Day to all my dear blogger friends.
                                                      Love and Hugs
                                                                June xxxx



bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Hi, June! Your Reflections collage is beautiful- so well done! I'm enjoying seeing everyone's interpretation of the theme.

deb said...

such sweet memories of May day! We were trying to decide yesterday where it originated. of course most of them were too young to know about actual may poles!

Anonymous said...

Lovely art and stories, June. Have a wonderful May Day!

Faye said...

Lovely, June. I am not familiar with any tree called May, thus the old wives' tale regarding bringing it into the house is also unfamiliar. In fact May Day is not a holiday that I have ever had a part of. I think some of the schools around here have a May pole or at least they did a number of years ago. Thanks for the educational tidbit. I am feeling a little of your situation in that my dh has been in critical care unit of the hospital lately. He is home now to get stronger. His medical problem is a serious one and one that will not be going away short of a miracle.

Kaylene said...

Loved reading your post and enjoyed your art piece.

Art Chick said...

Love your beautiful collage with such a vintage feel. :)