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June xxx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June again

Here we are at June 1st. again. The year seems to have flown by as it especially seems to do as I get older. This last few days the weather has been really grotty but I'm hoping for some June sunshine soon.

Our Journey.

This is the journey and this is the road,
Helping each other and sharing the load,
Walking together and seeking the way,
Sharing the wonder and seizing each day.

Making discoveries, lessons to learn,
New explanations as seasons return,
Finding a way to forget and forgive,
Counting our blessings and learning to live.

This is the journey and now is the time,
New paths to follow and mountains to climb,
Travelling onward, enjoying each mile,
Rejoice in the moment, the journey's worthwhile.

                        Iris Hesselden

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