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June xxx

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Stay calm and breathe..............

I am finding it very difficult to practice what I preach.
Yesterday I started up my lovely desk top computer, (almost my best friend!!LOL) as usual first thing. Suddenly a box opened to warn me of trouble. I didn't panic, my anti-virus software would deal with it.
But it couldn't!

 For some strange reason Windows took over and the software was over-ridden. All I got were messages to start another anti-virus programme which would cost me money!
I tried all sorts of things to get rid of it but no luck, so I thought here goes, I'll pay for this new one. Paid up front with PayPal, downloaded the software but it wouldn't let me open it as I had a virus!!
It stopped everything from working. I couldn't get on to Photoshop and I was really in trouble.

So............a panic stricken by then June was on the phone to Andrew.  HELP!
He cannot get here until Tuesday morning.

Thank the Lord I can use the new Laptop but there's nothing much on it as yet.

So this morning I have attempted to make a picture on here....... without the use of a mouse!

Roll on Tuesday!

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danistudiomontage said...

No panic! June. You go to find a solution. I hope that you protect your images on an external record. I had a virus also last year..It is a horror but I have to find everything.... the worst it is that we do not know or we catch it... as the disease.....Courage xx Leina