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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A new craze?

It seems the show biz world is going crazy for Teacup pigs and of course the rest will follow.
I heard my  grandson's wife waxing lyrical over them. 'I want one' she said......
I admit they are sweet little things......just a bit different and they say pigs are very intelligent but £700....
Oh My!
The craze started with Pot belly pigs but they grew so huge.....you never hear of them now. These little beauties apparently grow no larger than 14 inches, which is an advantage. But are they being treated just like a little toy? Something to show off...a little trophy...?
Anyway, here's some pictures, they surely are cute.

1 comment:

Bill C. said...

Oh oh oh! I want one! I love little animals! It could sleep in bed with me.