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Monday, 28 June 2010

The post came today and I was quite excited, yet a bit nervous and apprehensive as I carefully opened the package. Helen's Book had arrived! 
With my fingers almost trembling I carefully opened it and turned the pages.

Yes, yes, yes, everything's OK! To see everything actually in print is a wonder indeed. Hours and hours of work but I feel satisfied.
Helen is still away touring Scotland, Won't she get a big surprise when she gets back!
I think she will be pleased.......

And yesterday....Lord above....I actually finished my own Heritage Book.
I had to finish an introduction, design the covers and make an extra page as there was one blank.
I loaded it into the ArtsCow book template, made an adjustment here and there, pressed a few buttons and paid with Pay Pal.  60 pages in all....now I can relax and wait for my postman again.

Now I shall look forward to tomorrow. Dearest Son is coming over and he and I are having lunch out together.

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Patti said...

How exciting !!