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Monday, 7 June 2010

I'm a Happy Bunny

Yesterday was such a Happy, Happy day!!

I was up early as usual and found the time to make a digital picture before I got myself dressed up. Hair washed and titivated, Polyfilla lathered on to cover up the rashes, a touch of eyeshadow and mascara and I think I looked presentable.

Son in law drove my car so I had the passenger seat and could relax. Himself and Dear Daughter in the back, so loaded with pressies and cards off we went, about an hour and a half's drive.
When we arrived  we were greeted enthusuastically by Lukey, with happy barks and much tail wagging.
The house had the aroma of delicious cooking smells wafting through which already made your mouth water.
Dear Coz was looking festive in Hawaiian shirt and M the Birthday Boy was doing his stuff in the kitchen.
Great hugs and kisses all round and we all admired  the new baby grand piano. It looks and sounds gorgeous!  DD had brought her music and immediately sat down to give us a beautiful rendering of The Moonlight Sonata. She learned Piano as a child and went back to it a couple of years ago and is doing so well with her lessons and really enjoying it. Of course she wouldn't play in front of anyone else so it was fortunate we all arrived first.

Gradually everyone else arrived with wonderful presents for the Birthday Boy, who didn't sit down or stop! He plied everyone with drinks and top ups and there was such a wonderful atmosphere.
Lukey, their little rescued dog came and sat on my lap for a long cuddle and was so sociable, spreading his favours to everyone.

Then the food arrived. Such a spread! Everything you could think of....Tender chicken, beef ribs in a superb sauce, the fattest and most delicious sausages you've ever seen, various salads, baked potatoes hot and delicious, and French bread, etc. etc. The table was groaning with it all.
You'd think we had never been fed, how we all tucked in!

My Coz played to us, brilliantly as ever, some we joined in together and sang, my sister had a play, even I had a play!

It was a wonderful, wonderful day and Coz and M are really the Hosts with the Most!!

Home again, tired and weary but such happy memories of us all being together..........


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Anonymous said...

Hosts with the Mosts here!!! Martin says that sounded like a brilliant party, and we should have GONE to that one! lol Love Always f xx