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June xxx

Friday 16 March 2012

Enjoy the Outdoors!

Just look at the horror on that woman's face as she sees
her luggage torn to shreds!
This poor man looks as if he's about to get whacked!

Hello dear friends,

My dear daughter in law Jenny often sends me some 'funnies' when she has time to browse. Some get a bit naughty and I wouldn't show you those. But she knows I shall laugh and it cheers me to get them. This morning she sent me some pics telling you to get out and enjoy communing with nature. But here are a few pics where I'm sure they wish they'd stayed home.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I'd stay home, too, if that was what was going to happen! The polar bear chasing the man is truly frightening!!!

Thank you daughter for a laugh...or scream maybe!


teri said...

Thanks for the smiles and the kind comments on my blog. Love your little piece above -The wearin" of the green. Happy St Patty's Day to you.

Bill said...

How did all my relatives get loose?!