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Thursday 15 December 2011

Close your eyes and see..

Just a change from Christmas images today.
I never go out after dark these days but last night I wrapped up like the proverbial Eskimo and ventured out on the scooter. We had the Carols in the Courtyard at the Chapel I attend.
We had three carols outside and the rest indoors as it was getting colder. There were lots there and it was lovely. Followed by hot tea or coffee and warm mince pies, everybody's favourite. Plenty of people to chat to and then wrap up again for home.
This time I had a heading wind and as I drove round the Quay, the lights were lovely but the wind froze my face and eyes and I was so glad to get home in the warm.

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Bill said...

Oh you had to mention mince pies. I never got around to buying any mince last year like I wanted to. No one else in our family likes it. Hmm. I do have a little bit of British blood in me. Maybe that's why. We have a relative who traced my mother's side of the family (Hastings) all the way back to a man who was sent to America from England in a group of, um, rogues, that England wanted to get rid of. (Rogues sounds so much better than criminal!) Anyway, lovely collage! I'm closing my eyes.