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June xxx

Saturday 20 November 2010

Steampunk Santa..

I really hope this doesn't offend the tradionalists among you dear friends
but it's really not our beloved Santa. It's his cousin Lawrence, who has
always been known in the family as a bit of an
exhibitionist who sees the world differently through his glass eye.


Anonymous said...

I love this June. I occasionally enjoy thinking about and looking at things in the same way that cousin Lawrence does. I guess I find myself relating to this unusual cousin. I'm currently working on a project inspired by the thought, "What if God had Chosen Different?" Although God made the world perfectly, it's fun to think of how things might have looked had God tweeked things in a different direction. Who knows what would be considered "normal".

Marfi-topia said...

This is wonderful, I love steampunk.
great work, incredible imagination.

Faye said...

Hilarious, June. It's great to have something out of the ordinary every now and then.

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Just adorable!!!!!

Bill said...

Now that's a totally new look for the old guy! Great fun.

Netty said...

Oh wow June what you create with steampunk is just perfect and always so entertaining. Love it. Annette x

pchickki said...

Cute June\
Our Etsy Team is doing a steam punk christmas window display down town this year. It is the thing and Lawrence will be there with his reindeer and sleigh :)