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June xxx

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Three Muses..Articulated Paper Doll..

Here is my challenge for an articulated paper doll
for the Three Muses challenge.
Really it's Poor little Mona lost!
Let's hope she can find her way back to Italy with that compass!
Thank you for your visit.
Happy Wednesday!
June xxx


johanna said...

cool idea to use mona as a paper doll! and no wonder she can´t find home among these hallucinogen mushrooms;) love it!

Sim said...

Poor Mona, she will do it I'm sure!
I adore her flowered tights! :D
Hugs June!

Anonymous said...

Good idea she can be used any time really. Good thinking. Oh I too like those tights. Cool!

Mine is up with gusto.

Carol Ann Henstra

indybev said...

Ah, but Little Mona Lost is having quite a journey.....she turns up everywhere!! Clever idea, June. Well done.

Bill said...

Oh no! Mona must find her way home. What would Leonardo do without her?!

chrissie said...

This is such a fun doll to have created -I love the big watch in her hand

Chrissie x

Taluula said...

There's that naughty Mona again! Lots of fun, June.