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June xxx

Monday 29 October 2012

TAW Challenge..WINGS..


It's Monday again.....the weeks seem to fly. The Challenge this week on Take a Word is Wings.
Here is the collage I've made. The background is my own, the elements and overlay from a very old scrapbook set Mirabella by Doris Castle, the face found online and digitally altered.
Thanks very much for looking.

In spite of my grandson's efforts to fence in the whole garden, Algie  is strong and has pushed his head into the fence so he can crawl underneath and disappear into a neighbouring garden.
It was getting dark last evening and it was raining and cold  and he just wouldn't come back.
I had to get the scooter out and ride around to the next road to see if I could find him. Nowhere to be seen! Eventually after about 20 minutes he came bouncing back,very pleased with his adventure.
Needless to say I was a wreck as I thought I'd lost him........

                                                                                      Love and Hugs
                                                                                           June xxx


Liz said...

I really love your background June, in fact I love all of it. Your girl with the lilac eyes is stunning.
What a naughty thing Algie is, but I guess you were pleased to see him back none the less :)

Pat said...

Lovely piece, June.
Algie, you naughty boy! It may be an adventure, but it gives everyone the fright of their lives!
Maybe time to plant a second line of defence, June, with a few shrubs the lad can't get past?

Christmas-etc... said...

This is beautiful!
Oh no... I know how trying that can be when a dog goes adventuring! So glad it had a happy ending!
PS Be sure to enter my GIVE-A-WAY!

Jayne said...

It is a great work
Lovley colors and Backround

l.g Anna

johanna said...

wonderful collage, june! love the background especially, and the saying of course!

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Wonderful background and I love the facial expression of the young lady. Great collage.

Yvonne said...

Gorgeous background and I love that sweet innocent face, June!

Taluula said...

Ha ha, I think Algie will always come back, he knows which side his bread is buttered me thinks.

A lovely piece of art, June.

Linda Gibbons said...

Beatiful collage, June! I hope that Algie always comes home to you!

Deann said...

Dogs are like kids June...you wouldn't sell them for a million dollars and you wouldn't pay a penny for another one just like them.
We finally had to use an anchor and 50 foot cable line for my Mom's dog. The anchor looks like a big corkscrew and twists into the ground.
Your picture is lovely June she has such a sweet face, The Girl in the Yellow Dress is wonderful too. Good luck with Algie!

Bill said...

A very apropos message for all of us! The violet color of the girls eyes matching your background is very lovely.

Thank goodness Algie came back. Isn't it amazing how much we grow to love our little animals?

Lori Saul said...

Hope does give us wings to rise above and soar- a beautiful entry June!

Ellen said...

such a true quote that keeps you going. beautiful background.
what a little rascal he is. trust him to find his way out. is there a ladyfriend nearby?

Jester said...

So beautiful and so true, June.

Sim said...

Very pretty June!
Algie is a little scallywag! :)

abby j said...

What a beautiful piece, June...and very personal. Thanks fpor sharing... I love it! But that Algie...he's something else!!! :-)

Bärbel said...

Der Hintergrund ist wunderschön und das Mädchen mit den violetten Augen schaut schon voll Hoffnung auf uns, möge sie nie die Hoffnung verlieren.

Algie ist so ein süßer kleiner Schlingel, er hat seine Entdeckungsreise sicher genossen.

Electra said...

Lovely piece June, your background is gorgeous. and I'm glad he came home safe and sound!