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June xxx

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Yesterday I had to drive along the coast road  for a clinic appointment. At this time of year, with school holidays, lovely weather and heaps of visitors, the roads are crowded. It was Market day which had drawn ever more people out. Nose to tail, like an enormous caterpiller, the cars were piled up waiting to negotiate a roundabout into town.
I must admit to being glad to get home again. But looking towards the sea  across many fields I see the Harvest is about done. Those huge round bales dotted about the fields like toys in the distance.

And this morning I did my chauffeur thing again, picking up old ladies to take them to Chapel. We have a lovely little service and everyone enjoys coffee, biscuits and a chat afterwards.
This afternoon my electric disabled scooter was brought home after being in the repair shop. It had to have a new part, the main driving part of the scooter and it was good that I had saved some pennies as the bill was for £450.00! (About $718 US)    I am glad I was sitting down when he told me!

You think you lack for treasure? Just take a look around.
You'll find the world has riches, of taste and touch and sound.
They may not weigh your pockets like gems of worth untold,
But Oh, they'll raise your spirits, much more than any gold.

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