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Friday, 27 August 2010

The Ambassador's Dinner

The guests at the Ambassador's dinner were all seated when a woman complained...  
'According to protocol, I should be seated over there......'
The Ambassador smiled and courteously rearranged the seating.

Afterwards he was asked, 'Does it not upset you when something like this happens?'
'Not at all' he replied. 'I learned a long time ago that the ones who mind, don't matter. And the ones that matter, don't mind.'

I was given this very same answer from a 90 year old lady with regards to explanations.
'Never explain' she said. 'Your friends don't need it and the rest don't matter.......'

That's one way of looking at things, I thought......

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Dezinaworld said...

so true June. and something to think of and use in the future
hugs June xxxxx