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June xxx

Monday, 30 August 2010

My dear grandson rang me last night.
'I have some news for you' he said.
He has found a new job with more money and still right here so no travelling.
He's giving his notice in today so he'll be all ready to start soon.
I am so pleased for him and his little family.

My dear daughter had her little grandson stay for a sleepover last night. Usually he goes to bed, then decides to get up and wants to go home!
This time he's decided he really is a big boy and stayed the night and enjoyed a good breakfast this morning.

Last night we had mini storms and the electricity went off. Thank goodness that's past!
So it's a Magic Monday with rather strong winds but the sun is shining.


Crystal Mary said...

Its lovely having the magic of children around. Glad you enjoyed a lovey time with your great grandson. And very happy about your grandsons new job..they need to be happy. Hugs xxxxx

A Hopeful Heart said...

Rejoicing with your grandson about his new job. More money...able to be home...two big plusses!!

And what fun having a sleepover with your daughter and great grandson. How wonderful that y'all live close enough for that to happen.

By the way, thank you for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog. You are a joy to count as a friend.