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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday beautiful Sunday...

Somebody once made a remark that churches were like 'spiritual banks' where you can make a withdrawal when feeling rather low. This can be quite an apt description and after a short visit one can often feel revived.

You may think of great cathedrals and I have visitted magnificent churches in Malta which filled you with awe. But there are many smaller churches where we can discover peace and tranquillity; places where the centuries of prayer and meditation have created a wonderful atmosphere.
Perhaps we can't always visit as often as we would like but we can certainly travel there in thought.

If you have discovered your own 'spiritual bank' I hope it gives you that inner peace we all need.

Do you have a minute Lord
In this busy, noisy day?
Just a minute You can spare
To listen, when I pray.
Often I am troubled Lord,
So many things to do.
I know I will find guidance
If I can talk to you

The universe is vast, Lord,
And wonderful to see.
The world is filled with people
And yet, You notice me.
If you have a minute Lord,
Just one to set apart,
I'll listen for Your answer,
And hearYou, in my heart.

Iris Hesselden

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Bill C. said...

What a wonderful poem!