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Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I was having a look at Jan De Bellis' blog this morning A Journey. She had posted about camping and included a photo of some fancy camping teapots, great fun.
It reminded me of my great camping adventure, many years ago.
We were a large, mixed party.....myself and my husband, my daughter, my son and his fiance, my sister and her husband and my new Chihuahua puppy Chloe.

My brother-in-law and I shared the driving, going from Norfolk, up through Yorkshire and into Scotland where we explored many wonderful places, including spending a day on the Isle of Skye.
We spent time in the Lake District coming back, finishing up in Wales for a few days, before getting home.
I remember crossing a rope bridge across a gorge, holding on tightly to the rope and Chloe! We hiked up small mountains and hills, all breathtaking scenery to us all who are used to flattish Norfolk.

The girls slept in the van and the rest of us in a large tent which of course had to be erected every night in a different place. My little puppy thoroughly enjoyed her freedom, finding dried up sheep droppings  and bringing them into the tent to place tenderly on my brother-in-law's pillow as a present.
I can remember his expression......like Queen Victoria he was not amused.

Great fun and many happy memories.

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Anonymous said...

Oh,I am still laughing......your sweet Chloe had a wonderful sense of humor! Right on his pillow? That is too precious!

The area where you camped sounded splendid. I love tent camping, too. Eventually my body won't want to do that anymore, but for the time being, tents are what we use.

What a wonderful memory you posted and I'm proud to have been a part of it. You are a special person and I'm so happy we've met across the pond and on the computer! A small lovely world it is.