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June xxx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Another sweetie..

Another well dressed and beautiful child
but I couldn't believe her short hair cut!


Faye said...

June, I really love that lace oval. Could her hair be pulled back??? Or maybe it is a boy. I remember that one challenge I entered, I thought the child was a girl because of the frilly dress. Then I learned that they used to dress little boys in frilly dresses too.

Thanks for your words about the internet. We have about decided that it may have to do with the extreme heat we are having (103° F) because in the cool of the morning and the warm of the evening, we have internet fine. I guess we'll locate the trouble when the verizon troubleshooter comes out Monday.

Junibears said...

Hello Faye,
I have seen little boys dressed in pretty dresses but I think the dress in far too elaborate for a boy. Also the hat, I don't think they would have given a boy a hat like that. Who knows?
It's always fun to guess and wonder what became of them.
June xx