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June xxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I have always admired da Vinci.
Such a brilliant mind and what an artist!
What could he have achieved if he had been born in this day and age?


Ozstuff said...

Hi Junibears! It's the pest again. Your Leonardo drawing is wonderful and, and RUSTY!! I love the rusty touches you have added to it but since you have no comments so far I am assuming you haven't posted it at the Muses for the rust challenge this week. I will check to see if this is so. Not wanting to bully you into it of course but when you create something as beautiful as this it needs to be seen - and there are lots of people at the Muses who are only to willing to leave comments on everyone else's work.
Once again, Beautiful work.

Ozstuff said...

PS - Couldn't leave without saying all you need to do is go to the comments at the Muses and type in "my picture is on my blog" and everyone will follow you there. No need to link or anything like that.

Taluula said...

June, I'm so glad Marie pointed you towards the Muses again or this exquisite piece might have been missed and it is such a beautifully crafted artwork. Bravo.

indybev said...

Leonardo would've loved your rendition, I'm sure, June! It's ethereal and lovely, and I'm so glad you posted it with our collection of rust this week!

Bill C. said...

Beautiful indeed! You used my two favorite images by da Vinci.

Leina said...

He was a great artist!Beautiful piece!

Brenda Brown said...

Wow love the work you do Junibears. Thankyou for leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it.
Luv B xxxx