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I really appreciate you taking the time to call in, view my artwork and leave such wonderful comments.
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June xxx

Saturday, 31 July 2010


The week is drawing to a close. It's been quite an eventful one for me. I made time to make some pictures for Dezinaworld which I showed on here yesterday and enjoyed that.

My scooter packed up and was taken away to 'hospital' to see what was wrong. You've guessed it, the main running part was broken and it is going to cost £400 to replace the part, plus Labour. I have never paid that much to replace anything on a car!

I led our Prayer Service in the Chapel on Thursday and everyone appreciated the little texts I had made for them. I enjoyed that too.

Today my dearest son and DIL came over and we have been to a local hotel for lunch. A lovely relaxing time, catching up with all their doings and showing off a couple of my books.

This little poem spoke to me......


I love the early morning, when everything is still.
When every hour belongs to me and I do as I will.

These special hours are precious, for they are just for me,
To take and use them for myself , to create and to be free.

The waking day surrounds me and folds me in calm wings,
And gives me all the strength I need, to face what each day brings   
                                             Chrissy Greenslade

I am always awake and up very early and often this quiet time is for me the best part of the day.

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Nancy Y said...

Oh, I love the poem! I am up very early every morning too, I need that time to myself. I have my tea and do a little crafting before work, etc. Your art is really beautiful!!