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June xxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

She's Home!

Dear friend Helen is home! Back from her travels with husband Basil and dear old dog Sam. They had a major hiccup while away, poor Sam had a fit and they had to find a vet. All's well now.
I drove over to her home yesterday afternoon in  blistering heat. Fortunately the car has air conditioning but the sun was still baking on arms and legs through the glass.

I was nervous of her reaction but she browsed through 'The Book' with a large smile on her face, commenting on 'this background' or 'I like how you've done that.' etc. So I guess she was pleased.
So when she sorts through some more photos and stuff, she asked if I'd do one for Basil!

I don't think I shall be leaving the house today, which we manage to keep remarkably cool, considering. 'They' say it will be up to almost 90 today. Bad for babies and old people.....and I'm one of them....LOL!

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