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June xxx

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Little Divas..

I alter so many pics of other people I thought I'd better put one up of ME!
This is little Junie, as my mother always called me, about two years old.
I think this is my favourite photo of me, holding my little Topsy,
and wearing the pink dress bought me by my Aunt Lottie.
The photo stands in my bedroom.
I'll give my age away, this is circa 1938....


Crystal Mary said...

Oh June you look so sweet!! What a precious little face..Lovely to see you at that age.
I had a pair of those little shoes for my first daughter. Lots of love CML xxxxx

William said...

Little Junie is so cute! Absolutely precious!

Lovey said...

Oh how neat to have this image! Man...look at your Topsy! Hugs..

A Hopeful Heart said...

Queen June as a little girl!!! So cute!!

Big hugs!!

Netty said...

Totally fab work of art. Love the picture of you holding Topsy. My grandmother gave me a beautiful doll just like it and still have it. Its made of some sort of clay I think. Enjoy your week June. x

Heather said...

Awww So cute. You have hardly changed at all :-)

Brenda Brown said...

Such a lovely pic June. The dolly is soooo similar to one I had as a small child. In fact I had a white and a black one - both the same features etc, just different colours. (That would be really daft now wouldn't it? In fact I still have them somewhere.)
Luv B xxx

agypsyangel said...

You are a doll :) SO SO CUTE. Hope you are having a good day.