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Thursday, 16 September 2010

I went to Chapel this morning where we had our first celebration Communion of Harvest.

We all hurried home as the Tour of Britain Cycle Race was coming right through our village about 12.30 and if possible we all wanted to see it. There must have been 200 people on just our corner alone, all waiting in eager anticipation.

Then along came the police motor cycles who ride ahead to close roads. As one pulled up behind another, the first one roared off, and so it went on, until we had seen about 60 motor cycles, police and race stewards. All with their flashing lights and musical horns. People began to cheer and clap and wave Union flags and along came the cyclists, travelling at 35+ mph. The leading few came through so fast you mustn't blink else you'd miss them! Behind them was the movie camera on the back of a motor cycle, looking rather precarious.

A few seconds later came a great cluster of cyclists, about 70, so close together you wonder why they don't collide. Following them another movie camera. Then a few stragglers who all  received loud cheers and claps.
Then I don't know how many cars, all with four spare bikes strapped to their tops.

It was all over in 10 minutes I suppose but you saw so many smiling faces and this was a sight I doubt I shall see again. I'm so glad I made the effort to get down there.
And it will be on our local TV tonight so we can share the excitement again.


Diane said...

Wow, this must've been fabulous! Did you take any pictures? Maybe you can do a digital piece using cyclist photos, LOL! Enjoyed reading your "report"



William said...

That sounds like great fun!

Chris said...

OOOOH I am going to watch the news now maybe I will see you. Ogling those nice bicycles (right)