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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Remember Pinky?

I'm sure you all remember Pinky.

Unfortunately he didn't get quite enough votes in the recent election.
However I have heard on the grapevine Pinky is not giving up and he's sent Hugo Rothsbear to break into 10 Downing Street to measure for curtains - its his intention to perform a Coup D'Etat when they least expect it, and the bears that already reside there are on side, and prepared with home made mortar bombs and have already started to loosen the stair rods, before they set off the fire alarm in the middle of the night!!! There are sounds of sawing and hammering from Neils basement, which he thinks is Perdita and Pasquale making coffins - he's missing the coffee table from the lounge, and some of the hall panelling.....

Watch this space........................

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