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June xxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Day

Spent shopping in the morning. The closest supermarket is a 24 mile round trip but it makes a change to actually see what you are buying instead of looking at thumbnail photos. Sometimes you may see something that surprises or you think is a bargain and I can travel around the shop comfortably on my 'little' scooter.
 I have two electric scooters, this one is very compact and takes to pieces easily for travelling in the car.
The other is much larger and more comfortable for travelling around the village. I haven't used it much lately as the wind has been so strong and sets me off coughing again. I can't get rid of this blasted cough........

The afternoon I spent at my daughter's. She was looking after Skyela as Mummy and Daddy had taken Ashton and gone shopping. It's hard to believe my great granddaughter will be one year old this week.
She is a joy to watch, charging around in her 'walker', changing direction every whichway, smiling and 'singing'. Such a happy little girl.

In the evening I went to Chapel. A very nice lady took the service but I'm ashamed to say I was bored almost to tears. Isn't it strange how some people can 'ring your bell' and what they say has great meaning for you, while others just read something that sounds so trite.......

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